2018 Fruit Sale

2018 Fruit Sale

It is time once again for the Community for Interfaith Celebration(CIC) annual fundraiser. We are selling grapefruit, organic satsumas, organic fair trade chocolate and fair trade coffee. We are also offering navel oranges, pecans, and dates – all organic. As usual, we pass on all of our profits to worthy causes. This year’s beneficiaries are:

Meals for The Community Kitchen and Local Homeless Shelters — CIC has been cooking the 2nd Saturday dinner at the Community Kitchen for over twenty-five years. We also deliver dinner to the Interfaith Works Emergency Overnight Shelter, Rosie’s Place and the Drexel House shelter on the same night. Fruit sale proceeds will allow CIC volunteers to buy food for the monthly dinners we will prepare and serve for over 300 individuals. http://ccsww.org/get-help/shelter-homeless-services/community-kitchen/

• Interfaith Works Emergency Overnight Shelter–For over twenty-five years, Interfaith Works has been dedicated to sheltering vulnerable adults in our area. In recent years, the shelter has experienced an influx of women fleeing from domestic violence situations, because local shelters catering to these women are so overtaxed. These women are not safe in the very public shelter IW operates downtown. IW is seeking funds to pay for motel rooms for these women, as well as transportation costs so they can relocate to family and friends in other states. http://www.interfaith-works.org

Planned Parenthood Teen Council of Olympia — Under expert guidance, this group of teens work with the student populations of seven schools on issues of gender identity, bullying, and harassment. Fruit sale proceeds will be used for training, conferences, guest speakers, and food for Council meetings. https://www.plannedparenthood.org/planned-parenthood-great-northwest-hawaiian-islands/education/teen-council

Empowerment 4 Girls — This local non-profit offers day camps and summer camps for girls ages 9 to 16. Camps focus on developing self-respect, self-care and positive body awareness to help girls grow into strong, confident, healthy women. Funding from the fruit sale will support camp scholarships, staffing support, curriculum development and fundraising training for staff. https://www.empowerment4girls.com/

Wild Grief — This local non-profit offers safe, supportive wilderness trips for youth who are grieving a death, providing a unique experience of connection, support and challenge to help them heal. These trips are free to grieving youth, and funding from the fruit sale will be used towards food and transportation costs. https://wildgrief.org/why/

Heifer International — Since 1944, Heifer International has worked to bring help, healing and hope to millions of impoverished families worldwide. Fruit sale funding support will be used to buy livestock for impoverished families, so they can lift themselves out of hunger and help transform their communities. https://www.heifer.org/

• South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group– SPSSEG is a local voice for regional salmon recovery. Every fall, salmon stewards host groups and individuals who visit the spawning salmon at Kennedy Creek. SPSSEG will use funding from the fruit sale to sponsor one busload of school students on a field trip to Kennedy Creek. http://spsseg.org/

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